Anonymous asked: Do you have a download link of Feist's cover of Closing Time? Please and thank you.

I wish we could help you with this! The only files circling out there are rips from the film itself and as far as we know it’s hasn’t been released in full form (yet?). 

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Feist - Undiscovered First (From The Basement)

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Arcade Fire’s tour de covers (name pending…) continued in Calgary, when they covered Feist’s “I Feel it All.” (via Watch: Arcade Fire Cover Feist in Calgary | Under the Radar - Music Magazine)

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Anonymous asked: Hello. Can you guys at least give us a warning beforehand if you ever plan to take this blog down? So I can be emotionally prepared if this blog suddenly disappears. I mean, there are not much Feist news around at the moment and blogs like this keeps my Feist-sanity. We very much appreciate it you keep this blog alive despite Feist keeping a low profile. Thank you and keep doing an amazing job! :) Also, fuck yeah Feist we miss you a hell of a lot!!

Much like our love and appreciation for Feist, they will have to completely decimate the planet before it goes away. We will also keep doing our best to keep it as updated as possible with respect to the woman herself who prefers to keep that low profile, of course. Thank you for the message!

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Some friends stay, some friends leave, and some just want to “chill”.  (More photos and a review here at Live in Limbo!)
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Sinister storm clouds threatened to hamper the outdoor concert at Echo Beach, but they thankfully cleared before the opening sets provided by somber folk act Mimicking Birds and Toronto’s indie-rock ambassador Kevin Drew

They both did their best to build energy in the crowd - a highlight being when Broken Social Scene alumni Feist and Emily Haines crashed Drew’s set. (x)

Title: Anti-Pioneer
Artist: Feist
Played: 217 times

Start with colours
They always get away with attitude

But they’ll try to convince you of your mood
And what you want, they’ll give it to you
But it’s only therapy, that’s all they do

And for a year, she was anti-pioneer
Singing sappy songs
About what went wrong

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Hear & : How’s this for ?

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