Kevin Drew & Feist, 4/9/2014.

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Kevin Drew & Feist together for “Lover’s Spit” on the Mettles Tour

Photo credit: Jordular

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Feist’s spazz level my friends.

I mean she litterly just threw a teabag across the stage. Can I please be her.

Zoltan Varadi’s Totally ’90s Rock Photography.

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easter eggs, last round: favourite band and singer. #feist #brokensocialscene

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shout out this video

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Feist weighed in on a track in my garage studio with Vice Cooler
Sounds Sick!
Photo by Vice Cooler [x]


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I think it’s almost crimes

this song.

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CBC Music Activity Book illustrations from CBC Music’s Samantha Smith and Heather Collett

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