Title: Anti-Pioneer
Artist: Feist
Played: 171 times

Start with colours
They always get away with attitude

But they’ll try to convince you of your mood
And what you want, they’ll give it to you
But it’s only therapy, that’s all they do

And for a year, she was anti-pioneer
Singing sappy songs
About what went wrong

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Hear & : How’s this for ?

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Following her afternoon performance at the Canada Day in the Capital celebration in 2012, Feist explained her mixed feelings about performing on Parliament Hill and told us where she truly finds her Canadian patriotism and inspiration.

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The time I saved Feist from Jaws #tbt #feist (x)

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Anonymous asked: Did Feist date Patrick Daughters?

Not that I or anyone else who doesn’t know either of them personally know of? I’m pretty sure their relationship was just friendly and professional.

(Patrick Daughters directed Feist’s music videos for “Mushaboom,” “My Moon My Man,” “1234,” and “I Feel It All.”)

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Field Trip, Day 2 
Arts & Crafts.

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Title: Secret Heart
Artist: Feist
Played: 1649 times


secret heart // feist

this very secret that you’re trying to conceal
is the very same one that you’re dying to reveal
go tell her how you feel

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Sasquatch Music Festival 2012 - [Day 4]
The Gorge Amphitheater
George, WA

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